Mojari Leather Shoes to Export

Exports of Mojari leather shoes to Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iraq and Turkey, as well as other centers, have seen an increase in demand. You can choose our center to sell first-class quality leather shoes online in Afghanistan. Iran’s neighboring countries are one of the target communities for exports, and usually what is selected for export must be of high quality to attract customers and high sales. As a result, by producing high quality shoes with PU, pvc, thermo, rubber, leather and soles. We have produced the best for you, which covers the domestic market and the foreign market.

Mojari Leather Shoes to Export

How to stop Leather Shoes from Peeling?

How to stop Leather Shoes from Peeling? Leather is one of the best materials for making shoes. Whether it is light leather, sheepskin, goat skin, etc. or heavy leather, cow, buffalo, camel skin, etc. keeping leather shoes requires care to extend the life of the lush leather shoes.

  • To clean your leather shoes, you must first remove dust from the surface with a soft brush or clean cloth.
  • To clean the corners and holes of the shoelace, you can use a toothbrush that is intended for this purpose.
  • Clean the surface of the shoe with a dry and clean cloth.
  • Use leather wax of the same color as your shoes.
  • To make the surface of the shoe shiny, you can apply olive oil on the shoe with a cotton ball or a napkin.
  • You can also use castor oil or Vaseline for shoe shine.
  • To remove stains or a lot of dirt from leather shoes, you can use a solution of water, vinegar and a mild detergent such as baby shampoo and a sponge.
  • Moisture causes damage and mold to natural leather.

Selling Mojari Leather Shoes in the Best Quality

Selling Mojari Leather Shoes in the Best Quality Selling Mojari leather shoes in the best quality is done through this collection with excellent quality throughout the global market. Dear buyers of leather shoes, from now on you can buy all kinds of these models in a special way from the online sales center of the present site at a cheap price. In addition to wholesale sales in Iran, the export of leather shoes to different countries is also on the company’s agenda.

Experience cheap sales of different types of leather shoes with the best quality on this site. If you are tired of walking around in the crowded shoe markets, you can simply make your major purchase through the online center you are visiting. In the production of leather shoes, Pew and EVA outsoles are usually used and it is more suitable for the cold season. Contact us to buy and find out the price of beautiful leather shoes.

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