Leather Shoes High Heels Vendors

Leather shoes high heels are an example of the most beautiful leather shoes that are produced using the best tarpaulin and the finest leather, and therefore these shoes have a special beauty and their use shows ladies to be more beautiful and fit. Therefore, sellers of pure leather shoes, due to the chic and special originality of these shoes, offer these shoes in the market in different ways so that customers can easily prepare these products and enjoy their purchase.

Leather Shoes High Heels Vendors

Different Kinds Of Dyeing On Shoes Leather?

Different Kinds Of Dyeing On Shoes Leather? The paints must penetrate the leather, otherwise due to the continuous use of leather products, the paint will separate from the product and bright spots will appear on it, especially for leather shoes for work. Therefore, in the case of this type of product, the dyes must penetrate deep into the leather fibers. Because leather is made of protein. Its chemical nature changes greatly with the effect of tanning.

Usually in modern leather dyeing, different methods such as:

  • Dyeing in the tray: This method is mostly used for dyeing small leathers.
  • With a brush: In this method, the part of the leather that has been dyed is used more, several brushing steps may be repeated.
  • Dyeing leather with direct colors: As the name implies, dyeing with this color is unmediated and is absorbed directly. This dye is easily soluble in water due to its sulfuric group.
  • world
  • In the pond
  • By hand or with a pistol
  • Print method
  • Coating method

We knew that tanning is one of the most important things that can be done on leather. Modern leather dyeing is also very important. This not only increases the durability of the leather; Helps to make better use of leather in various industries. In addition, the human world is full of colors and has interfered with color in any context. Of course, the audience should note that colored leathers are completely natural and should not be associated with artificial or industrial leather. These dyes are applied in the leather dyeing process and do not reduce the quality of the leather.

Differences between genuine vs bonded leather?

Differences between genuine vs bonded leather? What is natural leather? Genuine or natural leather is usually made directly from animal skins. To produce this substance, first the skin of the animal is prepared so that it does not rot and then tanning operations are performed on it. It is worth noting that in this process, in addition to not changing the characteristics of the leather, its durability and strength also increases.

What is industrial leather? Industrial or synthetic leather is produced using plastic materials such as PU and PVC. The manufacturing process of this material can be done in two ways, wet and dry. It should be noted that the main reason for the production of industrial leather is the high price of natural leather.

  1. One of the most obvious differences between these two leathers is the material behind them. The back of natural leather is often fluffy and velvety, while the back of industrial leather is perfectly smooth and polished.
  2. Another way to distinguish genuine leather from industrial leather is to touch the surface of the product. Natural leather, because it is made from animal skins, does not have a uniform surface and has scratches and wrinkles.
  3. The surface of natural leather is not smooth and uniform, so it does not have the ability to properly reflect light. If industrial leather due to the smooth and polished surface, fully reflects light.
  4. One of the easiest ways to distinguish natural leather from synthetic leather is to test for water droplets. In this method, pour a few drops of water on the desired product. If water is slowly absorbed by the leather, you can say that your product is natural leather. But if water flows from it, your product is made of industrial leather.

Leather shoes high heels Wholesaler

Leather shoes high heels Wholesaler Today, all kinds of genuine leather shoes are produced in various models and designs by the manufacturer brands, which are extremely beautiful and stylish. Therefore, it is possible to buy bulk pure leather shoes by the brands that make these products in various ways, including the traditional and online sales of this product. It can be said that the bulk purchase of school leather shoes online is more common among customers. It is because the intermediaries and brokers between the producer and the buyers are eliminated and the product will reach the customers at a more reasonable price, so this way of buying has more fans.

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