Leather Brouge Shoes Trade

Export leather shoes are an example of a product that is used by many people in our country, the world and the Middle East today, because people are looking for comfort and relaxation of the foot, and because the foot is inside the shoe for many hours, people are looking for comfortable shoes.

Our leather brouge shoes Export Center also sells this product in various forms and also sells it at a very reasonable, exceptional and unbelievable price. All people in every financial class can buy the product.

Leather Brouge Shoes Trade

Best Ways for Cleaning High Quality Leather Shoes

Best Ways for Cleaning High Quality Leather Shoes The easiest way to clean is to clean leather and varnish shoes, which are often cleaned with a soft, damp cloth or towel. First, dampen a cloth with a solution equal to cold water and white vinegar, and wipe the dust off the shoes. Then soak the handkerchief in it, take the extra water of the handkerchief and rub it on the surface of the shoe. This will remove all stains, especially the salty whiteness left on the shoes. Then set the shoe aside to dry completely.

In the next step, to unique leather shoes that are made of natural leather, it is better to use commercial waxes and the instructions that are written on it. If you do not have the right wax for the color of your shoes, moisten a soft cloth with a solution of water and a small amount of baking soda and gently rub it on the shoes. After that, dry the shoes with a soft and clean cloth.

After the surface of the shoe dries, wipe it with a dry cloth to remove all stains. For the second step of cleaning shoes made of synthetic leather, dampen a soft cloth with a little Vaseline and rub it on the shoes. To make your shoes sparkle, spray a few drops of glass cleaner solution on the shoes and wipe dry again with a soft cloth.

To remove scratches from the surface of synthetic leather or leather, apply some Vaseline (petroleum jelly) to the shoe and wipe with a soft cloth. Then spray some glass detergent solution on the shoes and wipe with a soft cloth.

Leather Brouge Shoes Wholsale

Leather Brouge Shoes Wholsale Buying honey leather shoes is also done in different ways. Also, the sellers of this product sell it in general and in bulk. To buy this product, you can proceed carefully in online sales.

Our products sent leather brouge shoes to all parts of the world and have been welcomed by customers. This center has an experienced team with high responsibility for customers and with competitive price, good services and fast delivery, we are confident that we will offer the best leather brouge shoes to our customers. Our products also exports to foreign countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Europe.

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