High quality leather shoes for sale

Selling high quality leather shoes is common in many Iranian stores. These types of shoes are usually sold both in person and in absentia in many stores. Many other sellers also offer these leather shoes in bulk and in part. High quality leather shoe stores in Tehran have extensive activities and offer a variety of products to customers.

High quality leather shoes for sale

Importance of leather`s quality while buying shoes

Importance of leather`s quality while buying shoes There are natural and industrial leathers in the market and it is difficult for many people to distinguish some quality synthetic leathers from natural leather. Since leather products such as leather sneakers men, women’s leather shoes and flat leather sandals are produced by raw materials with different quality grades and by different companies and brands. These products have different quality, durability and appearance and to make products And buying leather goods is very necessary. Note the different items. The most important items and necessities of buying leather products are the material and type of leather, leather smell, leather durability, sewing type and the manufacturer of the product.

Beauty and elegance of natural leather: What is produced and designed by human beings can never create the elegance that exists in the natural skin of animals. Delicacy is the most important difference between natural and synthetic leather.

Odor of leather: The body odor of animals in natural leather is easily felt. In synthetic leather, the smell of plastic can be smelled. Natural leather definitely conveys the feeling of being alive.

Softness and softness of leather: The softness and softness of the seal confirms the use of natural leather in shoes. Look at the lint inside the leather on the lining of the shoe to make sure that you are buying the original leather.

Heat and fire resistance: Natural leather shoes catch fire later and emit a burning odor similar to human hair when burned. This is a seal of approval on the quality and naturalness of the leather. So leather is a good option for summer and shoes do not get hot in the sun.

Water test: Natural leather is easily recognizable due to its absorbency against water. Wet leather shoes. If water is absorbed by the shoes, you can say that you have correctly identified natural leather.

How to keep leather shoes?

How to keep leather shoes? Proper maintenance of leather shoes increases the life of the shoes and can not only have a positive effect on your style, but also reduce the cost of living. The use of ordinary wax for leather shoes in the long run causes corrosion of the leather surface. Therefore, it is necessary to use leather wax to clean it. Leather shoes are a little stiff at first and you have to wait a few weeks for them to soften and open. After buying leather shoes, do not use them regularly and every day, but wear them every other day so that they have enough time to open and become the size of your feet.

Dust your leather shoes regularly, as dust can damage the leather over time. High humidity causes the leather to become moldy, so do not store men`s leather shoes in humid environments. Storing leather shoes in cardboard boxes absorbs moisture, and keeping them in a plastic cover retains potential moisture from the shoe and damages the leather. It is better to keep leather shoes in a dry and dark place in the shoe bag. Wipe leather shoes with a dry cloth and never use newspaper to clean it. Wax leather shoes at night and then keep indoors until morning. Avoid wearing leather shoes that have just been waxed and have not yet been waxed, as they absorb dust quickly and are damaged. In addition, the color of the leather becomes dark and dull.

leather shoes trade

leather shoes trade Leather manufacturers have come to believe that they should be direct sellers of their goods and do retail at the factory door, which of course is a commercially wrong view and will certainly cause problems. In business today, with the production of every product, halfway through and halfway through marketing, advertising and sales is right. Especially for a product like leather whose cash settlement is not even a check and is only based on trust and credibility. This doubles the sensitivity and importance of sales systems in fully understanding the market, manufacturers and customers. The leather shoe trade is one of the most lucrative in the global market.

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