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The cracking process which scuffed the leather shoes occurs due to intense sunlight or dryness, but there are many ways to fix this problem and cover the cracks.  Older cracks usually need more repair and special leather paints should be used to cover them. First of all, it’s better to know the reason for cracking genuine leather. By looking at leather under a microscope, we will notice that Leather fibers are very tightly intertwined in a complex way. but can be damaged over time without special care. These fibers are denser on the surface layer of the leather, and at the lower layers, the density is decreased. Since leather was a part of a living organism, it was constantly nourished with oily substances. But now, it is no longer a part of a living organism, it does not receive this nutrient as well. Therefore, its intertwined fibers rub against each other with each movement and become dry and scuffed over time. To prevent cracking of the leather, it is necessary to clean and oil the leather continuously so that its fibers remain soft and flexible and not going to become damaged. If you don’t use the necessary wax and oil to maintain the leather lifespan, your leather product will be cracked over time. leather shoes cracking

leather shoes cracking

The cracking will happen if you expose the leather shoes to direct sunlight or in the vicinity of another heat source.  Sunlight has ultraviolet rays that cause breakage at the molecular level of the leather, causing leather damage. Therefore, if you do not use a leather product, do not expose it to sunlight or cover its surface completely. There are different opinions about repairing cracked leather. The fact is that the leather fibers can not completely return to their original state and repair after cracking.  The point is, that the only thing that can be done is to fill in the gaps created with the right materials. Doing so strengthens the healthy fibers around the cracks and keeps the rest of the leather healthy.  Using this method will make your leather product more durable and long-lasting. If the cracks or cuts are deeper, it is necessary to use richer and more oily materials. Leather restorative materials are designed to absorb leather well and have a natural effect on it.  Today, these materials are available in the market and are available to everyone.  It should be noted that leather repair products have different types and can be used depending on the depth of damage.

fix cracked leather shoes

The most basic way to repair cracked genuine leather shoes and fix them is by applying  the leather cleaner on a small portion of it. The leather cleaning process needs to be done gently to prevent any damage. Cleaning the leather helps to remove dust layers from your product and remove stains.  The failure to take care of the leather causes its surface to gradually become dry and brittle, and dirt and dust to penetrate all the pores of the leather, which in addition to creating an unpleasant appearance, also damages its lifespan. Apply the leather repair material to the injured area with your finger or with a soft sponge.  You need to be careful and do it with enough patience and delicacy.  Leather may absorb these substances quickly due to high damage and dryness. Therefore, you may need to repeat this several times.  After ensuring that this process is complete, it is necessary to make the leather repair area completely smooth and even so that it does not contrast significantly with the surrounding leathers and looks natural. After a while, you can repeat the repair of cracked leather.  Due to the significant concentration of leather repair products, they can not be used on the entire surface of the leather.  After the leather crack repair process is complete and the material is dry, you can polish your leather surface with regular wax.

leather shoes are cracking

When leather shoes dry, some cracking happens on the surface of them. These cracks are not technically correctable because the damage caused by these cracks cannot be corrected, but we can revive the leather to some extent. Before removing cracks on shoes, clean the shoes to remove any remains of detritus. Then use a special leather filler to hide the cracks, with appropriate care, you can easily fade cracks and prevent them from reshaping. Brush any stains or dirt you see on the surface of the shoe.  Any spots or streaks you see on your shoes should be in your repair process.  First, take your shoes outside to the yard to prevent dirt and mold from entering the house or carpet. Then rub a dry cloth or soft brush on the shoes.  If stains or dirt are difficult to remove, you can moisten the brush or cloth with a small amount of warm water and then rub it on the shoe again. The best tool to use in this case is an old toothbrush that you take out after cleaning your shoes. Please carefully inspect the area for dirt and stains to accumulate, as these fungi or dirt often grow in hot or humid areas. fix cracked leather shoes

fix scuffed leather shoes

To fix cracks and scuffed shoes, which is one of the steps to remove cracks on the leather shoes, is to fill the shoe with newspaper. Fill the inside of the shoe with some old cloth or newspaper to keep it in its original shape. Tear the newspaper or cut it into smaller pieces so that all the parts of the shoe are full and leave as much space as possible. This allows the shoes to retain their shape and form while working and to absorb the moisture of the shoes. Keep in mind that even when you are not using shoes or putting them in a closet or shoebox, fill them with newspaper or cloth. Despite the high durability and resistance of leather shoes, they need special treatment and care. As you know leather is an animal material that oils and moisturizes it keeping it away from possible damage. make sure that by cleaning and waxing your shoes constantly, you will help to make them last for a longer time.

leather shoes scratch repair

If your leather shoes suffer from scratch and need repair, don’t worry, you can easily reform them and use them again. For this purpose, after cleaning the shoes from the dust, you can use a leather moisturizer or household oils such as castor oil. Apply the moisturizer or oil on the cracked and scratched areas and press it lightly to absorb all the moisture, this will help to revive and reform your shoes. For little deep cracks, dip a sponge on a moisturizer and fill the crack with it, and let it dry for at least 30 minutes, so the moisture can do its job perfectly among the cracks. In the end, you can rub the surface with sandpaper and remove the extra dust with a dry cloth. Always keep in mind that prevention is better than cure, so when you pay more for leather shoes, you should know about the ways of keeping them very well, so you can take care of your shoes by following a few simple steps and tips, just as leather shoes protect the health of your feet.

mould on leather shoes

According to what we mentioned above, the leather is sensitive to humidity and if it is kept in a dark and humid place, the mould will appear on the surface of the shoes. For this reason, never put leather shoes, bags, and clothes in the closet while it is wet. You can wipe the surface with a natural fiber with soft material.  If the inner parts of the shoes are getting wet, expose them to the air, and when you are getting sure that it is dried absolutely, put them in your closet. Another thing that we should be careful of that is dust. The dust on the leather shoes shortens the lifespan of these products. For this reason, never leave these items without a fabric cover in the closet. If you notice heavy dust settling on your shoes, wipe the dust off the surface with a soft dry cotton cloth.

leather shoes gone mouldy

The leather quality is often affected by the growth of substances gone mouldy on the surface of the shoes. The growth of mould results in losing its brightness and shape. The useful lifespan of genuine leather is about 10-15 years, and the more it ages, the more flexible and softer its shape and beauty will be. If you want to remove this mould from your leather products and shoes, there are some solutions you can undertake to solve this problem and make your product useful again. To remove mould from leather products you should dip a soft cloth in the alcohol diluted with a water solution and apply it on the surface of your product and let it dry by air.

leather shoes peeling

The peeling process will happen after a while of using the leather shoes, no matter whether its leather material is artificial or genuine. The remedy of peeled shoes must be done by a shoemaker. If the peeled part of the leather shoes isn’t that deep, applying paint and polishing can be done.  But for that, the quality of the polish is too important. if you use a high-quality polish on your shoes, after they dry out, there are not many differences between the actual color of the leather and the used color. However, if low-quality paint is used, there will be obvious differences between them.

leather shoes dark spots

In different situations like running, eating, or the like, dark spots will happen on your leather shoes. But how we can remove these dark spots from the leather shoes? likewise, there are different types of spots and stains that have different remedies. If the leather product becomes dirty by grease, damp cloth, or sponge in a foam of baby shampoo and rubs it gently, then dry the surface with a soft, clean cloth. If the pen ink spills on your leather bags and shoes, you should clean it immediately, because if you procrastinate a little, the ink dye will penetrate to the deeper layers of the leather. Never use alcohol to clean pen ink, instantly soak a cloth in a solution of water, vinegar, and baby shampoo and rub the stain well. After removing the spot, place the product in the air to dry out.

leather shoes bubbling

There are different reasons that cause bubbling on the surface of the shoes and other leather products. The leather bubbling is a kind of process when the top surface of the leather lifts off from the inner layer which is because of different factors like using cheap leather, using excessive cleaning materials and rough cleansers, pouring adhesives, extra wetness, humidity, long time of sunlight exposure, extra pressure, etc. Many remedies and solutions can be applied to fix this deformation. leather shoes are cracking

leather shoes mold

If the surface of the leather shoes has a very fine white-green powder or a persistent odor, it is possible that it is affected by mold. As we said above, it is happening due to the absorption of moisture by genuine leather especially when storing our leather products, and not paying enough attention to take care of our precious, valuable materials. We can use some kinds of sprays that have low pressure which are available in leather stores.

remove mold from leather shoes

After what we reviewed here about how to remove mold from different types of leather products like shoes and bags, now we know about different ways of taking care of our leather products to increase their durability and persistence. Daily care and thoughtful storage are very effective in maintaining the lifespan of leather products. However, certain products may require different care techniques. Proper, leather care is one of the easiest ways to prevent damage.

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