Elegant Flat Leather Shoes Trade

One of the biggest advantages of leather shoes is their durability. Natural leather shoes have a longer life than other shoes made of synthetic materials. If the leather is of good quality, it can stay healthy for a long time, which is one of the prominent features of shoes. Our company is active in the field of distribution of flat leather shoes.

Since our products are of very high quality and are very high quality and are produced in very modern and up-to-date methods, so many countries want to provide this type of product. Formal leather shoes are among the products that are produced and distributed in the country and have many fans.

Elegant Flat Leather Shoes Trade

Essential Factors to Be Observed While Producing Leather Shoes

Essential Factors to Be Observed While Producing Leather Shoes

The production process includes the set of methods, activities, or techniques that are necessary to build a product or service. Production activities are carried out by supplying raw materials, production process, quality control, final product, and finally storage in the warehouse.

Natural leather is usually thicker than synthetic leather. In products made of synthetic leather, it is easily turned inwards and sewn in, but this is not easily possible in natural leather and does not have an acceptable appearance. For this purpose, the back of the leather is thinned before any work.

To protect and prevent the edge of leather products from flaking, a painting process must be done. Also, leather edges usually have dark colors, it is better to paint the leather itself to have a better effect. The painting process is done as follows:

To do this, you need to smooth and polish the surface of the working edge with sandpaper until it is completely one-handed, then use the edge polishing solution. Using the solution under the paint will make the edges of the work more prominent and beautiful.

Finally, by combining the desired colors and diluting them enough, and using rollers, you can paint the edges of the work. At the end of the work and after drying, the paints around the edge have small bubbles, you should use reinforcement to polish the surface and remove the bubbles and finally repaint the work.

Comfortable Flat Leather Shoes Supplier

Comfortable Flat Leather Shoes Supplier

Our company is engaged in the production and sale of quality light leather shoes. You can also order and buy this product by visiting our online store and be sure to buy quality products at a very low price.

How to order through our store is both wholesale and retail, and you can order the product in any volume you want and have it delivered in your city. Because we import directly from the manufacturer, our products are of high quality and low price. We have removed the intermediaries in order to sell them to you at a reasonable price.

The method of buying from our store is very easy. You can easily choose and buy your product. Our experts in the sales department are ready to answer your questions, dear ones.

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