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As you know there is a wide variety of leather shoes manufacturers in the world. The first question that involves my mind is why I ought to buy natural leather for my shoes. Are there any drawbacks to wearing leather shoes and what should we always notice when shopping for shoes?   The last but not least question is who are the best manufacturers of this type of shoes? Disadvantages of Leather Shoes

Disadvantages of Leather Shoes

if your leather shoes aren’t standard they’ll damage you in long run. For more information on disadvantages, visit this page: Irreparable consequences of wearing nonstandard shoes. Since ancient times, leather has been the first human covering and still exists today. Leather is still very popular in many global communities. So why shouldn’t we use foam (Synthetic leather) products? Benefits of Natural Leather Shoes

  • Synthetic leather is very unnatural in appearance.
  • Synthetic leather loses its appearance after a while.
  • Synthetic leather is not as resistant to holes and tears as natural leather.
  • Synthetic leather is durable but has a very low strength compared to natural leather.
  • Synthetic leather cannot be used as clothing and shoes for a long time, because it is harmful to the skin and will cause skin problems.
  • Synthetic leather has no airway for the skin.
  • Synthetic leather does not have the ability to stretch, breathe and cover properly.
  • Synthetic leather does not smell good due to the usage of chemicals and synthetic materials.

The use of natural leather, in addition to having high strength and longevity, has a unique prestige and attractiveness for people.

Benefits of Natural Leather Shoes

there are a lot of benefits and advantages of wearing natural leather shoes. Here we are going to mention some of them. Tips for Buying Leather Shoes 1-Breathing Did you know leather breathes? It is not like real breathing, but it allows air to pass through the material. This is great for leather shoes because the material permits the air to cool your feet and prevents them from smelling. 2- Durability One of the biggest advantages of leather shoes is their durability. natural leather shoes are more enduring than shoes made of synthetic materials. Some people may hesitate to spend more to buy leather shoes, but they are more durable, so we can conclude that they are an investment. As a proverb says if you are rich, buy low-quality cheap shoes cause your shoes will wear out very soon. Buying a pair of natural leather shoes can be cheaper than buying two pairs of synthetic shoes. 3- Water resistance it is resistant to water and other liquids if the leather is refined or waxed. When working outdoors or in the kitchen, you should wear shoes that are waterproof so that your feet do not dry out and external damage to the shoes is prevented. Leather shoes can keep your toes dry from any spills or pits. 4- Comfort In addition to being a very strong material, leather is also very comfortable. Leather shoes provide comfort and support for your feet. Finding the right shoes is very important to prevent side effects. 5- Style natural leather looks stylish; you cannot deny it. Leather naturally makes shoes and clothes look like luxury items because the material is shiny and glossy. 6. It smells good Nothing smells like natural leather. After buying a bag or sweater made of synthetic leather, you can get the scent of it. Man-made materials are usually made with different chemicals that create a foul odor. If your feet are used to smelling bad after a long shift, the smell of synthetic shoes will get worse.

Tips for Buying Leather Shoes

when shopping for shoes what points should you consider? We give you some tips for buying leather shoes.

  • One of the Important points when Buying Leather Shoes Is to recognize their authenticity. One of the easiest and most common ways to identify natural leather shoes Is to check the Inside of the shoe. When buying leather shoes, make sure that natural leather is used in them. Leather shoes have a fluffy and rough shape.
  • Another way to determine the authenticity of Leather Shoes is to pour a little water on The shoes. Because natural leathers absorb water faster. Synthetic leather does not absorb water at all and water drops fall from the shoes.
  • Another way to identify natural leather is to press part of the shoe with your hands; if the texture of your shoes shrinks a little and becomes wrinkled, it means that the shoes you are Holding Are natural. But if you do not see a change, it means that the leather is not synthetic.

The Best Leather Shoes Manufactures

  • It Is Interesting to Know That the Natural Leather Shoes Also Have a Special Identity Card. You Can Easily Ask the Shoe Seller for A Shoe ID.
  • Smell It before buying shoes. as a buyer, You Should Know That All Leather Shoes have a Special Smell and Synthetic Leathers Never Give That Smell. So Keep This in mind before buying.
  • Another important point to note before purchasing is that because leather shoes are originally made from animal skins; So the thickness of the shoe will not be the same everywhere.
  • The last thing you need to be careful about before buying Is that if you put the natural leather Shoes under direct sunlight or lamp light; It never reflects light evenly. Because some parts of the animal’s skin are dull and some parts of the shoes are shiny.

The Best Leather Shoes Manufactures

There is the majority of manufacturers of leather shoes in the world. In determining the best products, several characteristics should be considered, which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Production history
  • Famous brand
  • Model diversity

The Best Leather Shoes Manufactures The best shoe manufacturers produce comfortable shoes and other types of leather shoes in various styles that have unique characteristics and the number of these products is not small.  Many of these products are not brands but can produce high-quality shoes like famous brands. If you are looking for high-quality shoes at reasonable prices that are produced by the best shoe manufacturers, you can contact us.

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