how to soften leather shoes to avoid blisters

how to soften leather shoes to avoid blisters

If you don’t get any new leather goods, what are you going to use to replace all of your sandals, shirts, and denim shorts? We have found the best hacks that will help soften your leather shoes in a hurry so that you can avoid having to deal with the painful and irritating shoe blisters that you will inevitably get from new shoes
This will allow you to avoid having to deal with the pain and irritation of having to deal with new shoes
I find that when I get a new pair of sneakers, I become so excited with pleasure that I want to wear them as soon as possible, even if that means going directly from the store to the bar
Because my feet are killing me, I am beating myself up because I did not take the time to break in my new shoes properly before I wore them for the first time
It has come to our attention that you do not need to break in your brand-new boots by wearing them about the house for several days before you can wear them outside to enjoy the fall weather
There are a plethora of do-it-yourself (DIY) hacks that need very little talent or effort, and they are able to be carried out pretty much anywhere and at any time
Here are five painless techniques to soften your leather shoes and boots, ranging from squeezing the heels to freezing your boots (yes, truly freezing them)

Step on Their Heels

The heel is the component of the shoe that is the most rigid
According to GQ, lightly pressing or mashing the heels can assist to soften these tough places and will help break in the boots more quickly
You can accomplish this in one of two ways: either by putting on the boots and putting a lot of pressure on the heels or by physically beating up the heels with your hands

 how to soften leather shoes to avoid blisters

Place Them Inside The Refrigerator: Even while it may not make perfect sense, this strategy appears to be successful
All that is required of you is to pour water into two ziplock bags, taking care to ensure that there is no air trapped within

The next step is to insert one of the water-filled bags into each shoe, and then store the shoes in the freezer for the night
The water will freeze within the shoe, which will assist in lengthening the shoe

Fill Your Boots with Sand: On her blog, Lauren Conrad shows another fantastic method for breaking in your footwear
Put a towel roll into each shoe, then let the shoes sit for a time after you’ve done that
This will assist in stretching them out as well as assisting in maintaining their shape once they have been broken in

Spray & Soak

Spraying shoes with a mixture of water and alcohol will help soften them by extending the natural fibers of the shoe, as stated by PopSugar
After spraying rubbing alcohol and water in equal parts into each boot and allowing them to soak for the night, fill a spray bottle with the mixture and shake well

Turn Up the Temperature

A fantastic approach to assist stretch out good shoes that won’t budge is to apply some heat that ranges from mild to high to certain places that are particularly stiff
All you have to do is direct your blow dryer at your hair for thirty to sixty seconds, and you’ll be good to go! When it comes to simplicity, that’s about as good as it gets
It’s annoying when blisters form
They are the most unpleasant experience associated with breaking in a new pair of leather shoes

 how to soften leather shoes to avoid blisters

You never really know if you’re going to have an easy break-in or if it’s going to take weeks of horrible discomfort that will result in blisters and bloody socks
And you never really know if you’re going to have an easy break-in
I had the good fortune to have a conversation with master cobbler Steve Doudaklian about how he eliminates blisters and what guidance he gives to other men who are looking for a painless way to break in their shoes

-Getting the correct size is the first step in preventing blisters

-Utilize Inserts in Order to Completely Fill the shoes
-Consider Soft palate Pads
-Do not go through the day wearing shoes that are brand new

-Blend together an equal amount of water and alcohol

Investing in a fresh pair of leather shoes can breathe new life into your entire closet
They have the ability to breathe new life into old ensembles or serve as the foundation upon which to construct completely original combinations
But in addition to that, they are capable of ripping your feet apart
According to the stylist for Thread, Freddie Kemp, “Tough leather rubs when it is new
” “And if you haven’t exactly got the size correct, new shoes can either pinch and cut your skin or cause blisters as you slide around in them,” You won’t want to wear your brand new shoes if they are giving you pain
And what ought to be an exciting addition to your closet just sits in the back corner collecting dust instead

 how to soften leather shoes to avoid blisters

However, getting blisters is not a prerequisite for purchasing new shoes and should not be expected
If you follow these four simple steps, you will be able to ensure that your brand-new shoes are comfy as soon as you take them out of the box
Put on your shoes for the first time in the evening after you have waited until then
Why does it work? Because your feet can grow by as much as a half size over the course of a day, shoes that were comfortable when you wore them in the morning may not be comfortable when you wore them in the afternoon
You can get a better idea of whether or not they are truly big enough for your feet if you test them out when it’s dark outside
If they are too tight, you should send them back and try ordering the next size up
It is recommended that you wear them with two different pairs of hiking socks
The reason why it is effective is that, as Freddie always says, “New shoes need to be broken in
” In particular, leather has the ability to form itself to the shape of your foot over time, which results in a sensation very similar to that of wearing a second skin
However, getting to that stage requires a significant investment of time
You can hasten the process by increasing the size of your foot, which will cause the leather to stretch out even more swiftly
Additionally, the socks help shield your skin from any blisters that may develop
Simply said, you should reserve this method for use at home rather than at the office
Dab Vaseline on rubbing points

 how to soften leather shoes to avoid blisters

Why it works: Blisters are created by pressure, which is when your skin rubs against another substance
This remedy eliminates friction, which eliminates blisters
Because the lubricant creates a layer between your foot and the leather, there is significantly less friction while you walk
Although your heels, toe knuckles, and the top of your instep are the most important regions to pay attention to, if you wear them for half an hour, you’ll be able to immediately identify any potential blister zones
Apply some heat from a hair dryer to the places that are giving you trouble
The reason this works is that every new pair of shoes has some spots that rub more than others
Applying heat will correct these issues
Warming the leather and making it more pliable can be accomplished with the application of a hairdryer for thirty seconds directed towards the area in question
The leather will become further stretched out if you continue to move about with the shoes on immediately after you have finished
Repeat a few times on each pain spot and continue doing so until the feeling of tightness disappears

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